Reputation Points (REPP)

In LasMeta, players can earn "Reputation Points (REPP)" which show how experienced and eligible they are to join in games. To enter daily games or tournaments, you need a certain number of "REPP". Just like with LasMeta Poker Chips, players can get "REPP" for free every hour by just being in the game world.

Players can also buy more "REPP" from the game's marketplace if they want to improve how they play. But, there's a cap on how much "REPP" you can buy to keep the game fair and make sure everyone earns their place properly.

"REPP" isn't just for getting into games. It's also used for getting permanent personal stats and moving up in the guild rankings. If you give "REPP" you've earned to your guild, you can climb the ranks in the guild leaderboard, get more from the DAO's earnings, and help your guild do better.

These parts of the game help make it more fun and interactive, rewarding players not just for playing but for building a good reputation. By being active in guilds and giving "REPP" to them, players can improve their standing and earnings.

REPP, or Reputation Points, are key in LasMeta. Players earn them by playing games and doing tasks, showing their reputation and if they can join certain games or events. You need a certain amount of REPP to join in on daily games or events.

REPP can unlock special game content and features. If you have a lot of REPP, you might get into higher stakes games, bigger tournaments, or special game items.

REPP also helps you rank up in LasMeta. Donating your REPP to your guild can help you move up the leaderboard and earn more from the DAO. REPP can unlock permanent stats and other game perks, like better chances to win or bigger chip stacks, giving players an advantage.

Besides, REPP can buy items in the LasMeta off-chain marketplace, like in-game items that aren't NFT-based. REPP is vital in LasMeta, showing a player's reputation and opening up opportunities to become a poker influencer, get recognized in the community, and join in on special events or tournaments with real-world or exclusive in-game prizes.

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