LasMeta Alpha Collection Powered by Magic Eden 🪄 🦌

What is LASMETA Alpha? The LasMeta Alpha Collection introduces an exclusive suite of utilities and experiences tailored to the discerning digital asset collector. This collection, intricately designed on the Polygon network, offers a unique blend of digital and real-world perks that provide both entertainment and investment value.

Technical Specifications Blockchain Network: Polygon (Proof of Stake) Token Standard: ERC721

NFT Tokenomics & Collection Details Total Supply: Limited to only 1000 units. Storage: Securely hosted on IPF. Minting Launch: Scheduled for 28/05/2024.

  • Stage 1 (OG Mint) : 1 FREE MINT for Only 50 Whitelisted Max 1 Mint each wallet / Duration: 1 hour | OA

  • Stage 2 (Whitelist Mint) : Only Whitelisted can mint at 25 $MATIC for 1 NFT Max 2 Mint each wallet / Duration: 6 hours | OA

  • Stage 3 (Public Mint) : 35 $MATIC for 1 NFT No mint limit / Duration: 12 hours

Strategic Integration: Partnered with Magic Eden


1️⃣ LASM Token Airdrop: Receive a generous airdrop of 20 LASM tokens 2️⃣ Lottery Edge: Gain 3 FREE lottery tickets for each draw hosted on the upcoming portal.lasmeta , each ticket with a value of 7.5 USDT. 3️⃣ Unique User ID: Secure your unique presence on LasMeta platforms with a Unique User ID, valued at 6 USDT. 4️⃣ gLASM Miner NFT: This is an asset that grows, valued at 10 USDT, designed to enhance your engagement and reward your loyalty within the LasMeta ecosystem. 5️⃣ Whitelisting for Future Drops: Gain privileged access to upcoming NFT collections and token sales. 6️⃣ Early Access to Experiences: Be among the first to explore new dimensions of the LasMeta universe with early access to game betas and demos.

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