Play and Earn

At the core of LasMeta's gameplay logic is the principle of "Play and Earn". The goal of the platform is to provide players with the opportunity to join games for free and earn while having fun. Players can participate in a variety of poker games earn rewards in the form of LasMeta Poker Chips and REPPs. These chips can then be exchanged for real-world currency or used to purchase items in the marketplace. Players can also earn by establishing their own Special Game Venues in the context of Elite Venue Program , managing games, and participating in tournaments. LasMeta also features a unique NFT collection and NFT game item collection, which can be used to earn passive income or traded on the open market. Furthermore, LasMeta has its own governance and utility token named as LasMeta Token "$LASM" and also offer staking, yield farming and share platform revenues to holders. With a vibrant and immersive metaverse, NFT, GameFi verticals and a variety of real-world use-cases, LasMeta is the ultimate destination for anyone looking to earn money while having fun.

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