Tokenomics and Value Matrix

The value matrix of LasMeta is built on several key pillars, including token issuance, staking, liquidity, and token burn. Firstly, the issuance of $LASM tokens is carefully controlled to ensure that the supply remains limited and scarce. This is achieved through a combination of private and public sales, as well as strategic partnerships and collaborations. This limited supply, combined with the increasing demand for $LASM tokens, helps to drive the value of the token upward over time. Secondly, staking is a key component of the LasMeta Tokenomics system. Investors can stake their $LASM tokens for a period of time and earn rewards for doing so. These rewards help to drive demand for the token, as investors are incentivized to hold onto their tokens for longer periods. Thirdly, liquidity is another important factor in the LasMeta Tokenomics system. The token is listed on various exchanges, providing liquidity and accessibility for investors. Additionally, the Any to Any Swap system allows users to easily convert their tokens into $LASM, increasing the token's overall liquidity. Fourthly, token burn is a critical aspect of the LasMeta Tokenomics system. Unclaimed poker chips, which are converted to LASM tokens, are burnt from the maximum token supply. This helps to reduce the overall token supply and create a deflationary system that further increases the value of the remaining tokens. Finally, One key aspect is our innovative lottery system, where a portion of each transaction on the LasMeta platform is directed towards a lottery pool. This pool is then distributed to lucky $LASM holders, providing an additional source of value for holding onto the token. Not only does this system drive engagement and excitement for our users, but it also serves as a powerful deflationary mechanism, as a portion of the $LASM tokens used in transactions are permanently removed from circulation through the lottery process. This creates a strong upward pressure on the value of the remaining tokens, making LasMeta's economy stable and sustainable in the long-term. So not only you play and earn in LasMeta but also you can win big with our lottery system. With each transaction, the value of your $LASM tokens increases, and you have a chance to win big with our lottery system. It's a win-win situation, and that's what makes LasMeta's Tokenomics and Value Matrix truly unique and powerful.

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