What is LasMeta?

LasMeta is the World’s First AI-enhanced Performance Metric-based “Play and Earn” VR Poker Gaming Metaverse. Built on the Immutable ZK EVM via Polygon and powered by Unreal Engine 5. Unlike traditional gambling venues, LasMeta offers opportunities for users to legitimately generate income. Players can’t directly earn money from in-game activities. Instead, they must complete tasks successfully to earn rewards. This innovative structure distinguishes it from traditional gambling venues.
LasMeta's Gaming Engagement and Reward Strategy LasMeta has a unique "play and earn", "listen and earn", and "watch and earn" model where players get rewarded in LasMeta Tokens ($LASM) for playing games, listening to content, or watching gameplay/ads. This keeps players involved and offers a different experience from other platforms by including governance and a special currency.
In LasMeta, earning is based on skill and luck, not gambling, through completing quests or winning in games/tournaments, blending entertainment with potential income generation without a direct gambling approach.
Players have the chance to earn income in line with performance metrics set by the system by competing in standard and tournament formats. These metrics include; completing a certain number of hands, reaching a certain number of instant chips, completing a total chip circulation, achieving success with certain hand decks, etc. Thus, there is no direct gambling policy in LasMeta.
What is the primary objective of LasMeta? LasMeta aims to be a universal hub in the metaverse, welcoming users with diverse interests like cryptocurrency, NFTs, gaming, and poker, offering many gaming options. It seeks to attract a broad audience and be an inclusive platform. LasMeta combines elements from the Metaverse, NFTs, and GameFi, appealing to a wide audience with its free-to-play model, ensuring everyone can access and enjoy its offerings without financial barriers.