Staking Pool

LasMeta is excited to offer its investors a compelling opportunity to earn rewards through our stake pools. By staking their $LASM tokens, investors can participate in these specially designed pools, which are periodically opened for staking. Instead of simply donating their tokens, investors actively stake them, engaging in a process that not only supports the LasMeta ecosystem but also provides them with the potential for attractive returns.

The structure of the stake pools is designed to reward long-term commitment. The rewards scale with the duration of the stake, offering various attractive options. Investors can choose a 6/12/24-month period, for a rewad.

In addition to these internal staking opportunities, LasMeta has forged partnerships with various DeFi tools and platforms. These collaborations provide investors with a broader range of options for staking their tokens, further enhancing their ability to earn rewards. Through these partnerships, investors can tap into the diverse and growing decentralized finance ecosystem, maximizing their earning potential.

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