Chip Structure

In the LasMeta Poker ecosystem, poker chips are uniquely generated as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), providing a secure and verifiable ownership model that integrates seamlessly with the digital nature of the platform. Players can acquire these NFT poker chips through purchases in our marketplace or participate freely under certain conditions.

Acquisition and Distribution Players have two primary ways to obtain poker chips:

  • Marketplace Purchases: Players can visit the LasMeta marketplace to purchase NFT poker chips. These chips are used to join various poker games hosted on our platform.

  • Free Participation Program: To support inclusivity and accessibility, LasMeta offers a "Free Participate" structure. Players who complete their Know Your Customer (KYC) verification are awarded 1,000 free poker chips daily. These chips enable players to enjoy poker games without monetary investment, fostering a vibrant community focused on entertainment and skill development.

Monetary Value and Usage The NFT poker chips used in LasMeta have a nominal monetary value of zero following their initial acquisition. This design is intentional to emphasize that the chips cannot be sold or traded for monetary value outside the platform, thus:

  • Ensuring the sustainability and integrity of the gaming environment.

  • Keeping the focus on entertainment and skill rather than financial gain.

Winnings and Rewards The poker chip winnings in games are strictly in-game assets and do not translate to direct monetary earnings. Players compete for entertainment and various non-monetary rewards, not for financial stakes.

This system:

  • Eliminates the risk of significant financial loss for players.

  • Ensures a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all participants, regardless of their financial contribution.

Reward Structure LasMeta rewards players based on activity and success within the games. Rewards are distributed either as one-off gifts or on a recurring basis, contingent upon achieving specific milestones or successes within the platform. This reward structure is designed to:

  • Encourage consistent engagement and improvement among players.

  • Assist newcomers in becoming acclimated to the platform and its mechanics.

Through this innovative chip structure, LasMeta fosters a poker environment that prioritizes fun, skill enhancement, and community engagement over monetary competition. This approach ensures that all players, regardless of their economic background, have the opportunity to enjoy and succeed in the world of online poker.

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