Gambdeers Club

The Gambdeers Club, also known as GDC, is the principal Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection of the LasMeta platform. This collection boasts an array of benefits and opportunities for its holders. The total number of pieces planned for release is 7,000 with the release date planned for 2023. The minting price for the GDC collection has yet to be disclosed, please stay updated for further information on this exciting release. This collection is an opportunity not to be missed for a collector, it will be a valuable addition to your portfolio. Gambdeers Club - GDC is a 7000 piece NFT collection produced on the Ethereum Network in the ERC-721 protocol and also associated with the LasMeta poker game platform. In addition to earning passive income with NFTs, users also have various privileges on the game platform.

Some Technical Specifications Chain: Ethereum

NFT Tokenomic & Information ♠Token Amount: 7000 ♠Standart: ERC-721 ♠Storage: IPFS ♠Category: Collectible Art, Gaming ♠Integration: Magic Eden ♠Service Included: Buy, Sell, Mint, YIELD ♠Rarity Levels: Standart, Rare, Super Rare ♠Traits: 231

Advantages of NFTs

♠ Stake and YIELD NFT holders who stake their NFTs will receive Daily YIELD rewards.

Standart: 5 $LASM /d Rare: 8 $LASM /d Super Rare: 15 $LASM /d

$LASM Airdrop Initial NFT minters share 2,000,000 $LASM tokens equally and fairly. In this way, both NFT holders are rewarded and the number of $LASM holders and transaction volumes increas

Ticketing ✮ Users holding Standart NFT have the right to enter standard tournaments in Metaverse. ✮ Users holding Rare and Super Rare NFT have the right to enter VIP tournaments.

Fan Governance (Voting)

All NFT holders have a say in the platform. They can decide on the new games that will be released on the platform and the updates that can be made. Therefore, they have the right to vote. Also NFT holders are entitled to vote for the number of NFTs they hold. Voting will be done on website by connecting metamask wallet.

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