Asset Destruction and Deflationary Mechanics

At LasMeta, we believe in the power of sustainable and responsible economic growth. That's why we've implemented an innovative Asset Destruction and Deflationary Mechanics system that ensures our in-game currency, $LASM, remains strong and stable over time. Here's how it works: a portion of LASM tokens are burned every time a transaction is made within the LasMeta metaverse thanks to the Chainlink Automation. This constant destruction of tokens not only reduces the overall supply of $LASM, but it also increases the value of remaining tokens in circulation. Additionally, our Deflationary Mechanics system also includes a buyback and burn mechanism, where a percentage of platform revenues are used to purchase $LASM on the open market and destroy them. This further reduces the overall supply and increases the value of $LASM for our holders. One of the key features of this mechanics is the special prize pool for DCG NFT holders. 10% of the free poker chips distributed every hour on the LasMeta poker gaming platform are accumulated in this prize pool and distributed to 700 DCG Pass holders per hour. This not only encourages active engagement and participation on the platform, but also creates a steady demand for the $LASM token. However, that's not all. In order for users to claim their rewards, they must log in to the game every hour, this creates a sense of urgency and competition among holders, increasing the chances of the token being bought and used. Here's the real kicker, unclaimed poker chips are converted to $LASM tokens and are burnt from the maximum token supply. This not only decreases the overall supply of the token but also increases the value of the remaining tokens.

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