Next Generation Launchpad

We're taking the old, outdated system and chucking it out the window. Say goodbye to those launchpads that only care about their own profits and don't give a hoot about their community. Our next generation launchpad will also feature a unique and revolutionary "Staking for Listing" system, where projects will be able to stake $LASM to increase their chances of getting listed on our platform, creating a true community-driven ecosystem. This will not only benefit the projects, but also the holders as more and more projects will be incentivized to use and hold $LASM. It's a win-win for everyone involved! At LasMeta, we believe in fairness and equality, and not only thatthat's why we're sharing a whopping 30% of launchpad revenues with our $LASM token holders! That's right, our holders will be reaping the rewards of their loyalty to LasMeta.

So get ready for the ultimate launchpad experience with LasMeta, where fairness and community come first!

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