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Although we postponed some necessary steps to future dates due to the bad conditions of the crypto market, we did not cause major changes or adverse conditions in our roadmap. Until today, we have worked for the growth of our communities, completed high quality partnerships and took the main steps for our gaming platform. From now on, we will continue on our way with small but effective steps, avoiding making mistakes to the extent that market conditions allow. You can review the stage of our progress until the end of 2024 below.


Due to the bad conditions of the crypto market, we had to make a mandatory change and update in our roadmap. We are sorry for this situation, but we had to make this update for the health of our project.
2021 Q4
2022 Q3
2022 Q4
2023 Q1
2023 Q3
  • Team Formation
  • Idea & Analysis Initiation
  • Market Research
  • Project Plan
  • Design & Technical Spesifications
  • Social Media Launch
  • Capital Structure
  • Strategy Planning
  • Development of the Project Concept
  • Token Creation
  • Smart Contract Creation
  • Website Launch
  • KYC & Audit
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • Websites Update
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • First Game Trailer
  • Legal Opinion
  • Website Update
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Chainlink VRF + Keepers Intergration
  • Giveaways
  • Preparing Game Scenario
  • Defining Game Concept
  • Character Development
  • Chainlink VRF 2 + Automation Upgrade
2023 Q4
2024 Q1
2024 Q2
2024 Q3
2024 Q4
  • Seed Equity Investment
  • Game Studio Development
  • First Metaverse Gameplay Trailer
  • Researching Immutable zkEVM
  • Migration to Polygon Pos
  • Chainlink CCIP integration
  • Private Token Sale
  • Seed Token Sale
  • Deer Club Genesis NFT Mint
  • Gameplay Trailer 2
  • Token IDO Launch
  • Token IEO
  • Coingecko Listing
  • Pro-Poker Players Partnership
  • Pre-Launch - Play for Fun Blockchain Demo Release for WebGL
  • Pre-Launch - Play for Fun Blockchain Demo Release iOS&Android
  • Gambling Licence Application
  • Cryptocurrency Licence Application
  • Soft-Launch - Play for Fun Blockchain Demo Release for PC&WebGL
  • Soft-Launch - Play for Fun Blockchain Demo Release for iOS&Android
  • Integration of Quest-Reward System
  • Quest-Reward System Teaser
  • Listings at Top10 CEX
  • Ads Service Integration
  • Metaverse Trailer 2
  • Listing at Top5 CEX
  • Playing Solution Integration
  • Full Launch - Play and Earn on All platforms. No VR version.
⚠️ According to our roadmap up to the last quarter of 2024, "play and earn" is not included in this roadmap. Necessary work for play and earn will be initiated after the required regulations are completed.
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