Problem Solved

Problem In today's world, poker enthusiasts are either turning to gambling platforms in pursuit of earnings or preferring gaming platforms merely for passing time. However, these conventional methods offer limited opportunities for both entertainment and profit, failing to fully meet the expectations of players and prompting a demand for more innovative, participant-centred experiences.

Solution In response to this need, LasMeta has developed a unique metaverse for poker aficionados, combining artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. Our platform does not promote direct gambling nor does it base its reward system on the amount of chips won. Instead, it adopts a "play and earn" approach where players are rewarded based on performance metrics, with strategy and skill at the forefront.

The successes achieved by players, the chips they win, and the decks they collect determine their performance. According to these metrics, players gain access to in-game drops and have the opportunity to earn revenue based on the levels they reach. This system not only challenges players to rely on luck but also encourages the development of game strategies and the demonstration of skills.

LasMeta offers poker lovers not just a gaming experience, but an ecosystem where real rewards can be earned based on performance. With the integration of AI and VR technologies, we provide an immersive and interactive experience, presenting an innovative alternative to traditional gaming and gambling platforms. This approach is transforming the poker world, ushering in a new era where entertainment and profit coexist. Furthermore, LasMeta prioritizes player well-being by implementing a stop-loss system. This system automatically cools down players with a losing percentage above 70% for 15 minutes, promoting responsible gaming and preventing the perception of gambling. With LasMeta, players can enjoy a fun, stress-free gaming experience while earning real-world returns (RWA) on their time and investment.

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