Performance Metric and Earning

LasMeta: Redefining Poker with Blockchain and Social VR

LasMeta is designed to transform the conventional poker gaming culture, offering a unique blend of entertainment, community, and real-world value.

Participation Process

At LasMeta, we offer a revolutionary approach to game participation:

  • Free Entry and NFT-based Chips: Players can enter the games for free or opt to enhance their gaming experience by purchasing NFT-based poker chips. These chips are available for acquisition using our platform's native cryptocurrency, $LASM tokens, via the marketplace.

  • No Financial Risk Gaming: Our platform is engineered to move away from traditional gambling paradigms. Players engage in competitive games where, unlike in typical gambling, there is no financial risk involved. Winning or losing does not directly correlate with financial gain or loss, ensuring a gaming environment focused on skill and community rather than gambling. If player wants to play in high stake tables then can buy chips from marketplace for its own fun!

Earnings and Rewards

Experience and Reputation Points

  • Winning and Losing Outcomes: Players face two main outcomes—winning or losing. Victories bring experience points (EXP) and reputation points (REPP), enhancing the player's standing and abilities within the game. Conversely, a loss results in a deduction of reputation points, incentivizing skill development and strategic play.

Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) and Achievements

  • Innovative Reward System: We introduce an in-game SBT reward mechanism that celebrates players' achievements and progress. These SBTs are tailored to recognize specific in-game skills and milestones, such as achieving particular hand combinations.

  • Customizable Achievements: Achievements like “Triumph of Three,” “Flush Specialist,” and “The King Deer” are just a few examples of how players can earn specialized SBT rewards. Each achievement is tied to accomplishing certain criteria, such as winning with a specific hand multiple times.

  • Ongoing Rewards: Upon unlocking these achievements, players receive rewards that may include one-time vesting or regular monthly rewards as a form of paycheck. This system emphasizes continuous engagement and dedication to the game.

Expansive Reward Types

  • Diverse Rewards: With more than 20 special reward types, LasMeta aims to enrich the player's journey, allowing them to enhance their in-game prestige and community standing. These rewards include SBT badges and the potential for regular $LASM token rewards, fostering a vibrant and engaging gaming ecosystem.

Beyond Gambling: A Value-Focused Gaming Experience

Our mission at LasMeta extends beyond merely offering a game; we aim to revolutionize the poker and blockchain gaming industry. By linking in-game achievements with real-world values through ethical and legal methods, we offer a gaming experience that values skill, community, and personal growth over gambling.

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