Deer Club Genesis NFT

Deer Club Genesis, the ultimate masterpiece of collectibles, accessible exclusively through the prestigious LasMeta. With a breathtakingly scarce edition of just 3333 pieces, this highly coveted collection is poised to ignite the passion of collectors. Brace yourselves, for the third quarter of 2023 will witness the advent of Deer Club Genesis, the definitive gem that no serious collector can afford to miss out on!

DCG NFT, created by the team that SOLD OUT on Magic Eden in just 3 minutes, is launching soon!

FLOOR PRICE of previous collection REACHED 20X in just 2 days!

Are you ready for the next big hype?

NFT Tokenomic & Information โ™  Total Supply: 3333 โ™ Chain: SEI Network โ™  Mint Date: TBA โ™  WL Mint Price: 0,08 ETH โ™  Public Sale Mint Price: 0,095 ETH โ™  Partnered with: TBD

Advantages of Deer Club Genesis

โ™  LASM Token Airdrop โ™  LASM Token Special Staking Bonus โ™  LASM Token YIELD Passive Income โ™  Custom Looks Special Name Tag for Deer Club Genesis holders in game.

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